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Joanna Formella

Joanna Formella

Co-founder, CEO & Digital Strategist

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After having worked for many years in corporate and start up jobs, I decided to step out of the comfort zone. This was mainly driven by a genuine curiosity for areas such as branding and user experience.

I worked closely with decision makers and peers with transformative super powers, who inspired me to further invest in my career progress. I attended speaking clubs, studied branding books and pursued my PhD degree alongside my 9-to-5 job. In my leisure time, I used to teach German solely for the fact, that I could enable people to achieve the best results possible for themselves. In a world of opportunities it’s difficult to limit myself to one passion only.

My strength lies in analysis. Some people say, I have an eagles eye for optimising things like a Kaizen pro. I equally enjoy the creative side at the beginning of a project, when I can dive into colourful road maps, draw a new face of a company or design campaign strategies. My new enterprise life allows me to visit clients on-site in Europe for project based work and for workshops. I can cover what is needed for my clients in the scope of marketing strategies, be it operations or consulting requests. I refrain from giving myself a certain job role. With the variety of client requests comes the satisfaction to create new sustainable opportunities for my clients.

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Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Co-founder, SEO Director

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I help my clients solve tough SEO problems and make the right decisions about their websites and content.

My expertise covers minimizing the impact of website migrations, SEO for multi-domain website architectures (ex. China, Russia), finding dynamic rendering problems and more. From crafting a search strategy to reverse-engineering the rankings of your competitors, planning better content, and optimizing your web-pages, I offer a process-oriented and transparent approach for creating authoritative websites.

In 2019 I co-founded Studio for Digital Growth, in which I continue to serve as the SEO director. From 2016 to 2019 I worked for startups in growth marketing and leadership roles, and since 2015 I advise on projects as an independent digital marketing consultant. Before that, I co-founded Perfecta.io, a business analytics SaaS.

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