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Kajabi vs. WordPress: Pros & Cons from a Marketing Lens

Introduction WordPress and Kajabi are both popular platforms for creating websites that monetize your expertise. However, they take two different approaches. Some of their differences stem from their different product philosophies, whereas others are of technical nature.  With so much functionality available in both WordPress and Kajabi, making a choice for your business can be overwhelming. At Studio for Digital Growth, we help clients that use both platforms and understand the pros & cons, as well as the challenge of … Read More

SEO for Coaches: A Game-Changing Guide to Online Visibility

What you will learn In this search engine optimization guide for coaches, I will detail our process for driving organic visitors to your coaching website, blog, and lead magnets. I will also share for the first time some of the SEO strategies we developed at Studio for Digital Growth to avoid inevitable common mistakes, for example, writing blog posts for your coaching blog that don’t bring any traffic even after waiting for six months or more. Why you should trust … Read More

How to Build a Coaching Website With Marketing in Mind

Many coaches we work with prefer to work on their websites themselves. However, making a coaching website that looks good and is suitable for marketing can be a challenge. In this guide, I will share how you can create a good coaching website with marketing in mind. What makes a coaching website suitable for marketing? Before we begin, I think it’s crucial to define what makes a good “marketing website.” In my view, a marketing-ready website should check the following … Read More

Marketing for Coaches 101: Four Evergreen Digital Strategies

Getting started with marketing your coaching business As a coach, the chances are that you spend over 20 hours a week on various marketing activities for your coaching business to find or attract potential clients. It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve learned from working with coaches (and other entrepreneurs) over the years that what differentiates a good from a bad marketing strategy is its impact. You want to make sure that your marketing strategy is results-oriented, so you … Read More

How to Move Your Newsletter from Substack to WordPress

Back in February 2021, I decided to try out Substack for our newsletter. People (many with significantly larger audiences than mine) talked about it, and it promised to make running our email publication easy and enjoyable. The benefits of writing on Substack Substack made it very easy to get started. If you want a clean text editor to write down your ideas and a send button to email them to your readers, there is nothing more straightforward to use than … Read More

What Is the Best Day and Time to Send a Press Release?

There are many factors that can decide the effectiveness of your media coverage and when it comes to press release distribution one of the most frequent questions we get is when is the best day and time to send it out…