The All About Digital Marketing Podcast πŸŽ™ is a no fluff podcast packed with real advice from veteran marketers, brought to you by our friends at Social Ink.

Socialink is a digital marketing consultancy, specializing in content marketing and social media marketing, with which I had the pleasure to collaborate over the course of several months this year.

When Chris asked me to join him on the podcast and discuss SEO I was ecstatic, I didn't have an opportunity to be on a podcast prior to that, and All About Digital Marketing is one of the rare places on the internet where you can get honest marketing advice from veteran marketers, that is meant to be heard by real businesses.

All About Digital Marketing is not a podcast about what we learned from our $10M Facebook Ads experiment, or about how BuzzFeed makes the world go OMG every single day with their data driven experimentation.

Instead, it focuses on shining light on marketing topics, and answering questions that can benefit the multitude of small businesses out there.

Tune in to πŸ‘‰πŸ» episode 7 where we discuss SEO for small businesses with Chris Bruno, and don’t forget to subscribe and review so our hosts at Social Ink can bring you the best experience possible.

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