The 20 Percent Edition Nr. 11: Creating Your Opportunity Space With Content Curation

Hello friends, and welcome to this edition of The 20 Percent.

This week’s breakthrough idea is about building your opportunity space with content curation:

Consistently creating original content is hard. It’s hard because creativity needs fostering, and original ideas need time to mature. But writing your content from scratch isn’t the only way to build an audience. There’s an alternative: curation.

As a curator, your job is to facilitate both discovery and understanding. The internet is growing, and with it, the volume of noise. Curation is the opportunity to present high-signal ideas through your lens.

Building Your Opportunity Space With High-Signal Ideas

Niche businesses are audience-specific. This keeps high-signal ideas within the confines of small groups of people. Exploring these ideas through your perspective opens your doors to the audiences of their creators. Curating these ideas is how you make them discoverable in your niche.

Step 1: Use your domain expertise to explore high-signal ideas

E.g. Tiago Forte’s P.A.R.A method (a concept for organizing digital information) can also help niche entrepreneurs focus their marketing goals.

Step 2: Explain these ideas to your audience from the lens of their needs and wants

E.g. It’s often difficult to prioritize and organize your marketing activities. The P.A.R.A principles can help you manage your projects by separating those with a clear goal and deadline from the rest.

How to Open Your Doors to a Wider Audience

Even though search engines have evolved dramatically over the years, it is still hard to surface new ideas in search. One reason is that searching for something often requires previous knowledge of it or a problem-solution relationship.

Take as an example the page for P.A.R.A that I mentioned earlier. It’s an incredibly detailed guide, over 3000 words long, with image explainers of how to use it. Moreover, there are thousands of websites talking about it on the web and refer to this page.

What it fails to do, though, is to become discoverable. It focuses on explaining the method, but not from a problem-solution angle.

As a result, Google shows this page mainly for branded terms. In the top 10 searches by monthly volume, the only non-branded keyword is “organization system”.

In contrast, when I searched for “para method” Google put together this answer box with popular questions/answers, all of which are from other websites.

Final Thoughts

Curating niche ideas and bringing them to your audience is a unique opportunity. But to make them discoverable (and grow your audience), you need to approach it from a problem-solution perspective. After all, ideas are only good when we put them to action.

Stay inspired,