The 20 Percent Edition Nr. 8: Out Caring Your Google Competition

Hello friends, and welcome to this edition of The 20 Percent.

This week’s breakthrough idea is from Wil Reynolds, founder & director of strategy at Seer Interactive.

In a service industry like mine, if you out care your competition, you will kill them. If you care more about your customer’s outcome, if you care more about your team’s outcome… we can destroy our competitors. 

We can completely destroy them, because when they wake up in the morning, they look at their bank account first; I look at our reports to see if we’re delivering on our promises to our clients first, because I know our bank account’s gonna take care of itself if we manage that.

Every company thinks that they care about their work and customers. Yet, very few people think about what it actually means to deliver good service and customer care. And that is why out caring your competition is a breakthrough idea.

There Are No More Secrets

In the age of the internet, there are no more secrets. Anyone with an internet connection and $100 can do a data-driven competitor analysis.

You can easily find:

  • which websites in your niche rank well on Google and for what keywords/ searches

  • what are the top pages that bring traffic to your competitors

  • what ads they run (including ad copy and creatives)

  • …and much more

A simple Google search for a keyword you care about can reveal what Google thinks is a great search result for that search query. Yet, everyone looks for “hacks”.

“Someone once asked me why McDonald’s is so successful.
I said ‘our bathrooms are always clean.’
‘Sure,’ he said, ‘But that’s easy.’
‘Well,’ I replied, ‘Are your bathrooms clean?’”

– Ray Kroc

Mastering the basics is not easy. Professional musicians and athletes never stop practicing the basics. Yet, in business, we often avoid putting in the work.

Out Caring Your Google Competition

The key to online marketing success is to be the best version of what you can be. Hacks are nothing but prescriptions and rarely work the same way for others.

As an example, there is a number of studies that correlates longer-form content with higher Google rankings. This can be true, but taking a 1000 word article and tripling the number of adjectives won’t make it rank any better.

How to Out Care Your Google Competition

The secret for ranking high on Google is out caring your search competitors (websites that rank on the 1st page for the searches you want to get found for).

Start by Googling your keyword and seeing what’s on page one.


1. Think about how to make a better version of those pages

Do you think their content sucks? Write better content for your site.
Do you find the content too short? Increase the length of your content by answering additional questions. Are their pages too slow? Make your site faster!

2. Ask yourself, what is your unique take on a topic?

Here is where things often go wrong. 90.63% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google, and one of the reasons is that it doesn’t offer something better or new.

An extreme example:

In all 2019, there were 3,955 pages/ pieces of content published about working from home. And in March 2020 alone there were 13,107 pages/ pieces of content published for this keyword.

From all 18,004 pages published between January 1st, 2019, and March 31, 2020, only 93 pages get more than 100 organic visits per month today.

A well-researched, original article may take 8 hours to create (and I don’t know many people who can do research, writing, proofreading, etc. in 8 hours). That would mean over 143k hours spent writing content that no one will read. With freelance rates, this content costed north of 2 million dollars.

It is money spent on following a trend, without making anything unique.

Final Thoughts

Everything comes down to out caring the competition. Caring is not just going the extra mile. It’s everything. Forget about following the trend. Out caring your competition means setting the trend.

Stay inspired,