The 20 Percent Edition Nr. 31: How to Choose Your Website Marketing Metrics

Hello friends, and welcome to this edition of The 20 Percent.

There is a saying that “where attention goes, energy flows.” 

I’m not sure about the original source, but it’s a phrase that I can wholeheartedly support.

Moreover, I am reminded of it every time I look into website marketing metrics. 

Every entrepreneur holds some marketing outcomes dear to their heart. 

It’s important to recognize this influence because your initially perceived idea of marketing success will try to sneak in your roadmap and execution.

If you’ve worked with marketing agencies that overloaded you with reports and graphs, well, one reason why they assaulted you with numbers is that their attention is in numbers. 

What Website Marketing Metrics Should I Focus On?

My view is that there are websites that represent businesses and websites that are businesses. 

  • Examples of websites that represent businesses include sites of services entrepreneurs and SaaS product sites.
  • Websites that are businesses can be e-commerce stores or affiliate sites, for example.

Sometimes marketers who focus on the latter use the same approach on the former. 

So, “what websites metrics should I focus on?” you may ask. 

My view is that if your website has up to 100-200 pages, you should focus on one particular search (or keyword) for every page and optimize that page for it.

It’s not SEO metrics like search visibility, or the number of keywords and their positions that matter.

What is important, in my opinion, is to be clear on what you want a page to be found for.

The multitude of keywords every page will inevitably rank for is just noise – especially at the beginning.

And focusing on metrics only shifts your focus on optimizing for metrics, not for outcomes.

The real questions entrepreneurs should ask are:

  • What do I want to be found for (and why)?
  • Do people find me when they search for this?
  • If not, what actions should I be doing next?

Stay inspired,