The 20 Percent Edition Nr. 32: The Website Form Follows Function Fallacy

Hello friends, and welcome to this edition of The 20 Percent.

I believe that nowadays, there is a disproportionate focus on website function. It can’t be helped because function contrary to form is quantifiable.

You see, everyone has an opinion on design, just as everyone has their taste in music or food. Many people think that good website design should be scientific, and if it pleases your taste as the owner, it should be a secondary concern.

I beg to differ.

If the goal of your website is to position your brand and tell your story, establishing your taste is essential. Your unique taste showcases your values and sets expectations for what kind of experience your site visitors will get from your business.

Your taste matters.

Good Taste and Marketing Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Will good taste help you sell more stuff tomorrow? I doubt it. Good taste will not make people more likely to add a product to their cart (although bad taste will undoubtedly send them away). 

Establishing your good taste is about making a first impression that in the long-term turns visitors not just into buyers but into brand converts.

Having a good marketing website will further support this process by automatically adding engaged visitors into remarketing audiences so you can follow up with your latest content, events, and other activities.

Your marketing needs your personal taste. People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. Sharing your aesthetic with your audience will bring you closer to those who think like you.

Stay inspired,