Marketing for coaches with the Be Seen! framework

Be Seen! is a marketing program developed specifically for coaches. We work with each participant individually in marketing coaching workshops while our concierge service saves you time with done-for-you marketing implementation.

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What makes marketing for coaches different?

Marketing for coaches is distinct from small and online business marketing because coaches are personal brands. As such, coaches have different marketing needs and objectives, which may include promoting a podcast or lead magnet for list building.

Furthermore, the customer lifetime value of coaching programs, such as masterminds and 1-on-1 coaching, can be much higher compared to the average online business. This necessitates a specialized approach to marketing that is fundamentally different from that used by most other online entrepreneurs.

Be Seen! will help you achieve this and more

Be Seen! focuses on hitting several pre-approved milestones specific to your coaching business and online growth stage. It combines marketing coaching workshops, with a concierge service for campaign implementation and execution. This approach saves you time and provides tailored marketing guidance in each step of the process.

Transform your website into a marketing hub

For your coaching business

Are you struggling to convert your podcast subscribers into website visitors or paying customers? Do you feel that despite having a social following you’re losing out on potential sales? At Studio for Digital Growth, we understand that the customer journey is a critical component of any successful online business.

We are here to help you connect the dots and create a holistic marketing process that turns your website into a marketing hub and encourages your audience to take the next step.

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How you’ll benefit from our BeSeen! framework

Marketing coaching & strategy

Be Seen! is structured around live, one-on-one marketing workshops where we discuss strategy, execution, and coach you on marketing concepts. Gain valuable insights, master effective techniques, and propel your business forward with confidence and clarity.

Website & landing page SEO

We will create an SEO strategy for your coaching business, optimize your website for search engines, and coach you on how to create blog content that drives organic traffic to your website. Supercharge your online presence with our expert guidance on website, blog content, and landing page SEO.

Build an online audience with high-ranking content

Over the course of the project, we’ll work together to turn your expertise into high-ranking website content. By turning your website into a content marketing hub, we help you grow your online audience, create visibility, and bring qualified leads.

Promote your lead magnet and coaching offer

We’ll utilize the power of search ads to tap into the full potential of your lead magnets. Simultaneously, we’ll utilize very targeted ads to present your coaching offer to potential customers looking for a solution to their specific challenges.

Developing a holistic marketing strategy for your coaching business

As a coach, the chances are that you spend over 20 hours a week on various marketing activities for your coaching business to attract new clients. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve learned from working with coaches over the years that what differentiates a good from a bad marketing strategy is its impact. You want to make sure that your marketing strategy is results-oriented, so you can spend most of your time doing what is most valuable: coaching.

If you are tired of running Facebook groups, and following the same marketing blueprint as your competitors, then Be Seen! might be for you.

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Why SEO for coaches is key

A coach’s website is their most important tool in the digital marketing world. It is the de facto place where potential clients go to learn more about you, find your coaching offers, and decide whether to take the next step. But your website can also play another vital role. It can be how potential clients discover your content organically through search engines and engage with your brand. In other words, your website’s true potential is that of a marketing hub for your coaching business. This is why SEO for coaches is a core part of the Be Seen! framework.

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Is Be Seen! the right fit for your coaching business goals?

Entrepreneurs who benefit the most from Be Seen! have launched a product (coaching sessions, mastermind, or similar) and have a free product such as a podcast or e-book.

You will need a website or landing page for this program. The more online content you have (books, blog articles, etc.), the more you will benefit, as it offers more opportunities to be found online.

Need to act quickly? Find out how soon you can begin

We accept up to 5 coaches every three months. Because we can support a limited number of applicants, please submit your application early.

We review all applications weekly and enroll accepted applicants to the next available spot on a first-come, first-served basis. The program usually starts two weeks after our introductory call.

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3 checks to help you find out if you will see results:

👍 You want less trial-and-error and more expert-rooted SEO

Be Seen! will arm you with a personalized marketing strategy for your coaching business. Starting with data-driven insights and bringing decades of collective experience, we will guide you towards making the right decisions, saving you time, and ensuring that your efforts are focusing on the most impactful actions.

👍 You have a strong product-market fit

You want to harvest the existing demand for your product or service. You want to improve your online visibility and unlock further business potential (following your scaling goals).

👍 You are enthusiastic about what you do

You are not held back by limiting beliefs. You are inherently optimistic that you and your business can grow to your expectations. You are looking to embrace new knowledge and put things into action.

SEO results we achieved for our coaching clients

Melisa Liberman, U.S.A, Colorado

Position 1 rankings for key blog content.
Page 1 ranking for her high ticket offer.

Dr. Alexander Madaus, Germany

Position 1 for his signature event.
Page 1 ranking for his high ticket offer.

Jörn Holste, Germany

Position 1 ranking for his lead magnet.
Successfully outranked established websites.

Marc Löffler, Germany

Position 1 for his signature offer.
Position 1 ranking for his lead magnet.

We pride ourselves on bringing significant results in every SEO project for coaches.
When we feel like our SEO framework is not suitable for you at the moment, we will tell you openly.
Comfortably ask us about our elevator success guarantee 💯

SEO Coaching for 3 months

6 x 1:1 Zoom workshops (60 min)

50 criteria SEO audit

12 weeks action plan

6 x cloud-recorded calls

assisted keyword research

e-mail support for the duration of the project

web development voucher (€500 worth)

post-project follow-up call (30 min)

2 x self-help content guides

SEO tool configuration

Bonus: 1 x shoutout on Linkedin (= free promotion)


€ 6.000,- / $ 6.000,-

plus VAT

What our clients say about our work

Dr. Alexander Madaus

– Hamburg, Germany
Rising King Academy

Structure, reliability, creativity, diligence are just some of their outstanding qualities. If you are looking for really outstanding support for everything to do with Google, SEO, website marketing, and marketing strategy, you have come to the right place.

Melisa Liberman

– Colorado, USA
Melisa Liberman Coaching

I’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies and “experts” in the past 10 years. I can say without hesitation that Konstantinos is the most responsive, most strategic, and most collaborative marketing professional I’ve worked with.

Meet your Be Seen! consultants

Joanna Isabella Formella

The creative spirit behind our brand

Joanna Formella is an entrepreneur pursuing a Ph.D. in storytelling. She loves partnering with personal brands to develop, refine and market their business stories. With over ten years of experience working with startups, coaches, e-commerce, and established consulting firms, including Accenture, she has broad marketing knowledge and know-how. Joanna is Google Ads certified and has worked extensively with online entrepreneurs in the German and English-speaking markets, helping them optimize their funnels with Google remarketing campaigns.

Her role as your Be Seen! consultant:

Joanna decided to split her residence between Ireland and Germany, and she is mainly available during EU (day) time zones. She will be your lead marketing strategist and mentor. You will work with Joanna on your Google marketing campaigns, and she will be your main point of contact throughout the program.

Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Technical mind and innovator

Konstantinos is the technical mind behind our brand. He is a website marketing and SEO expert. He previously worked in the startup ecosystem as a co-founder of a Business Intelligence (SaaS) company. His experience includes leadership roles in some of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the United States and Europe.

His role as your Be Seen! consultant:

Konstantinos is the main point of contact for our US-based clients. He is based in Ireland and is typically available during morning and afternoon hours in most US time zones. He will be your lead SEO strategist, ensuring your Google visibility aligns with your business objectives. Additionally, Konstantinos will be your point of contact for all technical program tasks.

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