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Soon everyone on Earth will be connected. Digital marketing enables businesses of all sizes to be equally heard.

Based In The EU | Operating Worldwide

We See The Internet As A
Global Business Catalyst

Digital Marketing allows every business to compete as equal independently of its size.
A virtual artisan coffee shop from Eastern Europe built on Shopify and hosted in a data center in The Netherlands can outcompete multinational retailers. Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising lower more than ever before the barrier for marketing a business to a global audience.

Studio for Digital Growth partners with businesses who share this vision, and helps them navigate this global environment of unprecedented opportunity and uncharted challenges.

Digital Strategy
For SMBs
Online Marketing
For MicroBrands
Digital Campaigns

Our Trade

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is woven to the very fabric of the internet. Moreover, as advertising costs are increasing over time, we believe that optimizing a website for organic search has never been more relevant.

Paid Media

Our team has a long history in online advertising. We recognize that as trends shift, so do advertising platforms. In 2019 we are active advertisers in all major platforms such as on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Content Marketing

Blogging and publishing online content, is an inceparable part of building an online brand and central element of an SEO strategy. Our content team are digital natives, experienced writers and bloggers who live and breath Reddit, blogs and forums.

Data Analytics

As internet marketing is becoming increasingly technology oriented, measuring and optimizing digital campaigns has become second nature. We use industry leading tools such as Google Analytics, hotjar, Mixpanel and others to gather and analyze the information that guides our strategic thinking.

Social Media & Community

Social media marketing and community building is becoming one of the most competitive digital landscapes. With algorithms dictating the visibility and engagement rates of posts and communities constantly moving from Facebook Groups to Slack and to Telegram, we are at the forefront of these changing trends.


Niche e-shops, drop shipping and instagram marketing are leading the future of e-commerce innovation. Our team supports microbusinesses setup and optimize their stores, launch their digital campaigns and grow their digital audiences.


Client Stories

Who We Are

We are a team of digital marketers with passion for technology and innovation.

Joanna Formella

Managing Partner
& Digital Strategist

Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Managing Partner
& Digital Strategist