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Chris Bruno

- CEO, Social Ink

Konstantinos has been a huge asset to our company. Bringing in a skilled, knowledgable SEO expert was key to help us generate the right content for our audience. Understanding the processes, the key requirements and working closely together, we've seen the positive impact and results faster than we expected. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Konstantinos to anyone looking for help with their SEO.

Alessandro Lombardi


I believe that SEO and online marketing are really important to develop your business, so I was looking for a partner to support ITSELECTA. I strongly recommend Studio for Digital Growth to anyone who has the same goal. We set up goals and milestones to improve our SEO and thanks to their input our ranking improved in a month. They are very professional, fast and effective.

Lorenzo Brigatti

- Founder, Simplinvest

I have been working with Studio for Digital Growth for the last 6 months and I am very happy with the cooperation. They are great at listening what are your needs, and are able to find and test different strategies across different marketing channels to identify your ideal customers and bring them to you.

Team & Partners

Joanna Formella
Joanna Formella

CEO & Digital Strategist

Konstantinos Ntoukakis
Konstantinos Ntoukakis

SEO Director

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Help With Improving
Your Google Rankings

SEO without a strategy can be a deceptively long process, and you might find yourself going in circles. Here you will find our 3-step SEO process for higher rankings in 2019...

Help With Finding
Your Google Rankings

Knowing for which user searches and in which page of the search results your website is ranking, is vital information to evaluate and optimize any digital strategy...

Help With Getting Links
To Your Content

Getting high-quality backlinks can be tricky and time-consuming. Ultimately, it’s a long-game approach. So, how can you get some quick and easy wins in the short-term? For this, look no further than social media...