Marketing Incubator

Find a path through the marketing jungle with our tailored marketing plan for coaches. After only 4 weeks in our online marketing coaching program, you’ll be ready to approach your marketing purposefully, turning you into the key decision-maker for handling the right changes in your business.

✓ Initial goal-setting with seasoned marketing consultants focusing on content creation for coaches.
✓ Suitable for early risers within EU and US time zones.
✓ Enjoy a new way to unlock your marketing opportunities.

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One-on-one digital marketing coaching

We’ve created a one-on-one marketing coaching program with all the nurturing ingredients, perfect for those looking to develop a marketing strategy for coaching businesses.

Join us virtually for a foody break and start your day with a clear picture of how to market a coaching business effectively.

We’ll share our favorite tips and help you craft your own marketing recipe book. Ask what you always wanted to know; there are no secret ingredients we’ll hide from you!

Let’s dive into the experience…

Marketing Coaching à la SDG

Wrapped in an enticing 4-course menu designed as a one-on-one private dining experience

Setting Your Sights on Success

Goal-Setting Aperitif

Embark on your marketing journey with our “Strategic Starter,” where goal-setting is the appetizer to whet your appetite for success. In this initial phase, we help you clarify your vision and establish achievable objectives. We adjust the pace according to what you currently need and where you’re at. This is not a one-fits-all approach! Just like a carefully crafted aperitif sets the tone for a delightful meal, our strategic starter lays the foundation for your marketing endeavors, ensuring every step aligns with your ultimate business goals.

Strategic Goal Setting: value 600,-

Crafting Your Unique Blend of Strategies

Main: Marketing Recipe Book

Delve into the “Main Course” of our program – the Marketing Recipe Book. Here, we blend personalized strategies, mindset cultivation, and routine establishment to create a robust marketing plan for your coaching business. This course is akin to a chef’s signature dish, tailored to your unique taste, where each ingredient – from brand messaging to audience engagement – is carefully selected to resonate with your brand’s essence.

Marketing Recipe Book: value 200,-

Indulging in the Sweet Spot of Digital Marketing

Dessert: Digital Delicacies

Our third course, “Dessert: Digital Delicacies,” explores the enticing world of digital marketing and business mindset. Just as a dessert adds a sweet finale to a meal, this segment adds richness to your marketing skills. Learn to savor each aspect of digital marketing – from social media savviness to email marketing finesse – while cultivating a growth-oriented business mindset that turns challenges into opportunities.

Business Insights: value 300,-

The Essentials for an Efficient Marketing Campaign

Chef’s Recommendation: Tool Kitchen

Last but not least, our Chef’s Recommendation invites you behind the scenes of our “Tool Kitchen” – a selection of essential marketing tools designed to simplify and enhance your coaching practice. Discover how these tools can be the secret ingredients to your success, saving you time and amplifying your impact. This course is about equipping you with the utensils every marketing chef needs to prepare a feast of client engagement and business growth.

Marketing Shortcuts: value 200,-

Learn how to build a magnetic marketing position by incorporating your own personality in order to attract the right clients.

Do you spend much time experimenting with tools and strategies?
Yet, you cannot find your own footing in the digital marketing world.
Good news: You no longer need to force yourself into marketing your own business!

I am looking for marketing tools that can help me save time.

How can I make my marketing feel and make it look more like me?

I want to apply intuition-driven decisions – but where do I start?

I want to know and apply the online rules of digital marketing and, at the same time, prevent digital overwhelm.

If this sounds like it, we look forward to meeting you and discussing your business!

Marketing Coaching

– 6 weeks program –

1:1 Zoom workshops (4 x 45 min.)

Questions and answers (4 x 15 mins.)

E-mail support for the duration of the project

Introductory call with goal-setting

4 x cloud-recorded calls

Marketing plan for 3 months

Marketing recipe book


€ 2.600 / $ 2.600
€ 2.000,- / $ 2.000,-

plus VAT

*One-time investment for your marketing. This program is geared towards professional business growth and might be tax-deductible. We recommend having your individual situation checked with your accountant.


And continue what you learned in our program. When you need to look it all up, this guide will be at hand.

We will help you fill the marketing recipe book in the course of 4 weeks with essential dos and don’ts for a well-perceived online presence. We will assist you in making it nice and awesome. We help you to collect ideas and make them nice.

We’re busy working on getting your marketing recipe book ready soon.


Our clients share what they value most about our collaboration.

“Structure, reliability, creativity, diligence are just some of their outstanding qualities. If you are looking for really outstanding support for everything to do with Google, SEO, website marketing, and marketing strategy, you have come to the right place.”

Dr. Alexander Madaus, Entrepreneur Coach, Hamburg (Germany)

“I’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies and “experts” in the past 10 years. I can say without hesitation that Konstantinos is the most responsive, most strategic, and most collaborative marketing professional I’ve worked with.”

Melisa Liberman, Coach for Independent Consultants, Colorado (USA)

Experienced with marketing coaching businesses

(working languages: English and German)

Joanna Isabella Formella, the creative spirit behind our brand, co-founder

Joanna is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Bonn, in which she investigates methods of storytelling. She loves partnering with personal brands to develop and refine their online positioning.

With over 10 years of marketing experience, she has helped consultants and coaches internationally, from the US, Dubai, Bali, and Germany. She was hired by Accenture to work on a Google project in Ireland. While self-employed, she worked on SEO campaigns for famous companies, such as RITUALS in Germany and a marketing agency in the UK.

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Konstantinos Ntoukakis, technical mind and innovator, co-founder

Konstantinos is a website marketing and SEO consultant who previously worked in the startup ecosystem as a co-founder of a Business Intelligence (SaaS) company. His experience includes leadership roles in some of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the United States and Europe.

Konstantinos is the main point of contact for our US-based clients. He will be your lead SEO strategist, ensuring your online visibility aligns with your business objectives and be your point of contact for all technical program tasks.

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