What we do

Studio for Digital Growth is a marketing consultancy based in Ireland 🇮🇪. We help personal brands, agencies and e-commerce businesses. We are English, and German-speaking marketing consultants specialized in search engine and website marketing.

With our done-for-you approach, we help you to increase your online reach, appear prominently in search engines and get more sign-ups for your podcast or online course.

We also offer website and landing page design for coaches.

Meet your marketing consultants

Joanna Isabella Formella, the creative soul behind our brand

Joanna is pursuing a Ph.D. in storytelling at the university of Bonn. She loves partnering with personal brands to develop, refine and market their business strategy. Further topics of interest: coaching, mindfulness, far eastern philosophy.

With over ten years of experience working with startups, coaches, e-commerce, and established consulting firms, including Accenture, she has broad marketing knowledge and know-how. She has worked with clients from UK, US, Netherlands, Dubai and Germany.

Her areas of expertise:

✓ lead-magnets and freebies
✓ crafting premium offers
✓ digitalisation & e-commerce
✓ lifestyle, wellness, premium brands

Joanna has split her residence between Ireland and Germany. She is available to support her clients in English and German during CET work hours.

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Konstantinos Ntoukakis, the technical mind and innovator

Konstantinos is the technical mind behind our brand. He is a website marketing and SEO expert. He previously worked in the startup ecosystem as a co-founder of a Business Intelligence (SaaS) company. Further topics of interest are self-improvement, bio-hacking, cryptocurrency.

His experience includes leadership roles in some of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the United States and Europe.

His areas of expertise:

✓ webmastering
✓ technical SEO
✓ AI use in marketing
✓ blog monetization

Konstantinos is based in Ireland and supports clients in UK and US time zones.

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